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      隨著國家對環境保護重視程度的提高,城鎮污水處理設備的普及,產生的污泥量日益加大。據環保部統計數據,我國每天產生濕污泥至少達到37.5萬噸,深度處理產生污泥量還將增加50%-100%。由于污泥的成分很復雜,如不妥善處置將未經處理的污泥隨處堆放和排出則會對人類環境造成巨大的威脅。 With the increasing emphasis on environmental protection and the popularization of wastewater treatment equipment in urban areas, the amount of sludge produced is increasing. According to the ministry of environmental protection, China will produce at least 375,000 tons of wet sludge a day, and the amount of sludge produced will increase by 50% to 100%. Due to the complexity of the sludge, the disposal of untreated sludge can be a huge threat to the human environment. 污泥處理最關鍵的就是脫水干化,然后再加以利用。長期以來,污泥運輸制約無污染環保的瓶頸。對此,山東浩海疏浚裝備有限公司研制出一套無污染、高效率、穩定可靠的設備。 The key to sludge treatment is drying and then using it. For a long time, sludge transport has restricted the bottleneck of pollution-free environmental protection. In this regard, shandong haohai dredging equipment co., LTD. Has developed an unpolluted, efficient and reliable equipment. 淤泥地基穩定系統主要采用HID-強力攪拌固化機+HID-精確計量固化劑輸送裝置,實現固化設備可直接在淤泥軟基施工,不受施工條件限制,不需臨建設施。若采用淤泥地基穩定系統,可實現場地內的土方平衡,避免淤泥外運,同時解決外購路基材料的問題,環保經濟最優化; Silt foundation stabilization system mainly adopts HID - strong stirring curing machine + HID - precise measurement and conveying equipment for curing agent curing equipment can be directly realized in the silt soft foundation construction, construction conditions without limit, without overlay facilities. If the silt foundation stabilization system, can realize the earthwork balance inside the venue, avoid sludge sinotrans, at the same time solve the problem of outsourcing subgrade materials, environmental protection economic optimization; 淤泥地基穩定系統適用于: The silt foundation stabilization system is applicable to: 1、工業建筑和橋梁建設的地基加固 The foundations of industrial buildings and Bridges are reinforced 2、場院,停車場,體育場和堆貨場地的地基處理 The foundation of the yard, the parking lot, the stadium and the yard 3、提高地基抗壓強度 Improve the compressive strength of the foundation 4、在松軟土質隧道鉆進前的土質穩定 4, the soil stability before drilling in the soft earth tunnel 5、公路,街道和鐵路建設工地地基改良 Highway, street and railway construction site foundation improvement 6、池塘和填埋場等區域的防滲基礎穩定 The stability of the anti-osmosis in areas such as ponds and landfills 7、水下防滲保護層的建造 The construction of underwater barrier protection 8、電纜,管道溝的建設 Cable, pipeline trench construction 9、地下水防護層建造 Groundwater protection layer construction 10、河流、湖泊公路的邊坡穩定 The slope of the river and lake road is stable 11、永凍土層和霜凍土層的防護層 The protective layer of permafrost and frost

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