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      a.測定疏浚淤泥的含水量、粘土成分和有機質含量, A. determination of water content, clay composition and organic matter content of dredged silt. b.配制固化劑:固化劑的主要成分包括起固化作用的水泥和生石灰,水泥與石灰的重量比例在1:1-4:1之間;廢石膏用作減水劑,為水泥和石灰質量之和的1~8%;粉砂或粉煤灰作為骨料,用量為水泥和石灰質量之和的3~5%; B. preparation curing agent: the main components of the curing agent are cement and lime, the weight ratio of cement to lime is between 1:1-4:1; waste gypsum is used as water reducing agent, 1 to 8% of cement and lime quality; silt or fly ash is used as aggregate, and the amount of cement and lime is 3~5 %; c.確定固化劑的摻入比:固化劑的摻入比一般控制在5~20%,分別進行制樣,測定凝固時間,制樣測定養護7天、14天和28天的無側限抗壓強度,按最優性價比最終確定固化劑的摻入比; C. determines the mixing ratio of curing agent: the mixing ratio of curing agent is generally controlled from 5 to 20%, and the solidification time is determined respectively. The unconfined compressive strength of curing agent for 7 days, 14 days and 28 days is measured, and the ratio of the curing agent is determined according to the best performance price ratio. d.現場對淤泥進行固化施工:用機械設備快速使固化劑與淤泥攪拌均勻,快速充分固化。 D. On-site solidification of sludge construction: the use of mechanical equipment to quickly make solidifying agent and sludge stirring uniform, rapid and full solidification. 淤泥固化處理施工要求: The construction requirements of silt curing treatment are as follows: 1.井場地表要求: 1. surface requirements of the well site: a.井場內殘余的巖屑和散落的泥漿材料以及被油污染的土壤應清理完畢,確保井場表面整潔、無雜物、地表土壤無污染。 The remaining debris and scattered mud materials in the A. wellsite and the contaminated soil should be cleaned up to ensure that the surface of the well site is clean, no sundries and no pollution on the surface soil. b. 鉆井期間所有的溝、池、坑、方井中無遺留廢水、廢渣、廢泥漿、廢油料等污染物。 During B. drilling, there were no pollutants such as waste water, waste residue, waste mud and waste oil in all trenches, pools, pits, and side wells. c.除征用地外,應恢復地貌,回填遺棄的溝、池、坑等,恢復井場用地自然排水通道,固化處理后的池面覆土,壓后平整后的的覆土厚度不小于30cm。 In addition to the expropriation of the land, C. should restore the geomorphology, backfill the abandoned ditch, pool, pit and so on, restore the natural drainage channel of the site of the well site, and cover the surface of the pool after curing, and the thickness of the overlying soil after the compaction is not less than 30cm. 2.廢水處理: 2. wastewater treatment: a. 廢水處理后采用吸附劑吸附,不能進行排放。 A. wastewater is treated with adsorbent and can not be discharged. b. 部分水作為施工用水進行回用。 Part B. water is used as water for construction. 3.廢棄物固化處理標準: 3. standard of waste curing treatment:

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