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      In addition to China's long coastline, there are many inland river inlets. The oceans and beaches provide very rich and huge marine sludge and soft soil resources. In order to ensure the smooth flow of marine channels and ports, the port authorities carry out marine sludge dredging and desilting every year, and most of the dredged sludge is discarded at sea, A few of them are treated by reclaiming land from the sea.


      Most of the mud thrown at sea contains heavy metals and organic matter, which will cause secondary pollution to the surrounding environment and the ocean. Reclamation of land from the sea can increase the land supply, but it needs special treatment. Sludge solidification is one of the effective methods.


      Overview of sludge solidification technology


      ▲ preparation of high moisture content sludge


      The application of sludge solidified soil not only improves the marine environment, but also avoids the negative impact of dredging and throwing on the ocean, and changes the traditional passive marine dredging into active sludge recovery.

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