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      Firstly, the curing agent is mixed with water before contacting with sludge to form the curing agent mixture, which eliminates the problems of inaccurate proportion and uneven distribution of curing agent dry powder caused by spraying dry powder in the conventional process, and greatly saves the amount of curing agent;


      Secondly, the working excavator with rotary jet curing power head can directly spray the curing agent mixture into the sludge on the river site on the shore. On the one hand, there is no need for water operation, on the other hand, the sludge can be solidified directly on the river site without sending the sludge ashore for treatment, which saves time and labor and has high curing efficiency; In addition, the pressurized curing agent mixture is sprayed into the river sludge by high-pressure rotary jet. While mixing the conventional curing agent with the sludge, the cutting effect of high-pressure rotary jet on the river sludge is used to further improve the mixing efficiency and facilitate the progress and completion of the curing process.

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