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      The following problems still exist in sludge solidification

      (1)目前淤泥固化大多是在淤泥含水率較高、 呈流動狀態下進行的, 這就意味著要加入較多的固化材料,因此不僅固化效果不佳,而且經濟適用性差。

      (1) At present, sludge solidification is mostly carried out under the condition of high moisture content and flowing state of sludge, which means that more solidification materials should be added. Therefore, not only the solidification effect is poor, but also the economic applicability is poor.

      (2)由于河流湖泊水體污染嚴重, 疏浚淤泥大多含有一定量的污染物, 因此淤泥固化土在道路工程、堤防工程等方面應用時,淤泥固結體中的污染物可能會在雨水的作用下釋放出來,對地表水和地下水造成二次污染。

      (2) Due to the serious pollution of rivers and lakes, most of the dredged sludge contains a certain amount of pollutants. Therefore, when the sludge solidified soil is applied in road engineering, embankment engineering and other aspects, the pollutants in the sludge consolidated body may be released under the action of rainwater, causing secondary pollution to the surface water and underground water.


      (3) The research on sludge solidification mechanism mainly focuses on qualitative analysis, and the quantitative research on sludge solidification mechanism needs to be further deepened.


      (4) At present, the research on sludge solidification is mainly based on indoor test, and there is less research on outdoor test and large-scale application. At the same time, compared with the strength index of silt consolidated body, there are few studies on durability, such as frost resistance, erosion resistance and so on.

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