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      Sanitary landfill of sludge


      This treatment method is simple, easy, low cost, sludge does not need high dehydration, and has strong adaptability. However, there are also some problems in sludge landfill, especially the formation of landfill leachate and gas. Leachate is a kind of seriously polluted liquid. If the landfill site is selected or operated improperly, it will pollute the groundwater environment. The gas produced by landfill site is mainly methane, which will cause explosion and combustion if appropriate measures are not taken.


      Sludge landfill


      2. Sludge fertilizer


      Due to the advantages of low investment, low energy consumption, low operation cost and the organic part can be transformed into soil conditioner, the direct utilization of sludge fertilizer is considered to be the most potential disposal method. The sludge with water content of 78% - 85% after dehydration and 30% - 40% after drying. Through the sludge fertilizer making equipment (sludge fertilizer making process method), the organic matter in the sludge is transformed into humus rich in plant nutrients. The final metabolites of the reaction are CO2, HO2 and heat. A large amount of heat keeps the material pile at a high temperature for 60, reduces the moisture content, effectively removes pathogens, parasitic eggs and weed seeds, and makes the sludge volume reduced, stabilized and harmless The purpose of resource utilization.

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